Liminality, Divination, and Magick

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Everything is in motion. Spinning, whirling, tipping and falling, barely balanced on a needle’s point.  We calm ourselves and seek stillness but what we really achieve is balance in the maelstrom.  Quiet and lack of motion is an illusion.  We’re just riding the waves and narrowing our focus to what is really our own navels.

This chaotic never-ending motion is not a bad thing unless we decide it is. It is a dance, the pulse of life, death, everything in between and beyond.  We can choose to fight it or embrace it.  We can struggle against the current, move across the current, or use the current to our advantage.  With some foresight we can shift our position and move into currents that take us where we want to go; choose a current that is more sedate, or one that is turbulent and filled with power.

My theory of divination is based on seeing existence as an ocean, or perhaps a landscape, that we travel through.  Divination methods allow us to get a glimpse of what lies ahead of us and often suggests other paths we can take.  It tends to go with the prevailing currents as these forces, seen and unseen, push us in particular directions.  Skilled diviners are able to perceive these currents and can suggest the optimal paths to take if we focus on particular goals.  These paths, if we choose to go with the currents, are almost fated to happen.  If we choose to go against the currents our goals will definitely be harder to reach but are not necessarily unattainable.  Divination, when used wisely, can make a huge difference in reaching goals.

Magickal work is using one’s own inherent power, and learning to harness the powers of the currents around us, to reach our goals.  It’s learning to actively swim rather than just floating along where the currents take us.  As you become more skilled at working magick you learn to move beyond the surface and fly into the skies, or dive deep into the oceans, discovering whole new worlds and ways of seeing and being.  There is a lot more to existence than the mere surface eddies and the rise and fall of the waves.  And we are not traveling alone.