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Pagan Booklist: Spirit Work

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[Note: this article has been edited since it was first posted to include new books on the topic.] Some magickal practitioners focus on working with non-physical entities, whether these entities are described as elementals, faeries, ghosts, ancestors, angels, demons, saints, loa, intelligences, or deities. Different systems have different ways of categorizing and classifying — some are very strict about putting… Read more »

The Common Book of Witchcraft and Wicca (PDF)

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“Pagans don’t have a holy book, they have libraries.” – Phaedra Bonewits The Common Book of Witchcraft and Wicca was created in 2014 by Witch School, International, Inc., with the project spearheaded by Ed Hubbard. It was created specifically to be easily shared, in the public domain, without infringing on copyrights.  It contains a wide variety of articles, chants, poems, ritual ideas, and… Read more »