Etheric Anatomy: The Three Selves and Astral Travel, by Victor H. Anderson

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Poet, mystic, and visionary are words often used to describe Victor H. Anderson. Ecstatic seeker, wise elder, grand high priest, and beloved witch would also be accurate. Victor and his wife Cora are the founders of the highly influential Feri tradition of Witchcraft. A mixture of Hawaiian mysticism, European folk magic, Pagan spirituality, and Wiccan theory, it is one hundred percent Witchcraft. In “Etheric Anatomy” one of the central teachings of Feri is presented in Victor’s and Cora’s own words, supplemented with an informative preface and a list of further books to explore.

Feri witchcraft teaches the theory of the tripartite self: each of us has three distinct spiritual bodies that together make up the human soul. This book explains the three parts of the soul, describing their composition and function, explaining them by drawing on a variety of spiritual and mystical traditions in a logical synthesis. Victor and Cora use poetic yet straightforward language. As you read the book it’s easy to imagine you are sitting next to them on a porch gently rocking in rocking chairs as they talk to you. Cora and Victor speak like loving relatives sharing their knowledge; they do not talk down to their students or lecture as some nonfiction authors do. Their genuine, practical mysticism comes across clearly in what they say and teach.

Sensual experience is celebrated in Feri teachings rather than denigrated or rejected as a distraction as in some spiritual paths. Sexual expression, Victor and Cora assure us, exists on the spiritual planes and in fact is freely shared without the social stigma present on the physical plane. The book explores the topic of astral sex with honesty and tact. Astral work is an integral part of existence in the mundane world, complementing and enriching our regular lives rather than replacing them.

“Etheric Anatomy” is an engrossing glimpse into the core teachings of a vital spiritual path. Students of Feri will find a lot to consider in this book, and initiates of other spiritual paths will find ideas and inspiration that can help them deepen their own personal spiritual practice. Unfortunately Victor passed away in 2001, and his wife Cora followed in 2008, but his teachings live on, surviving in the many initiates of the Feri tradition.

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