A Fresh Beginning…

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One of the lessons I’ve learned as a Wiccan is that everything has its seasons.  There are beginnings, middles, and endings… and sometimes when we think it’s an ending it’s really just a new beginning.  Things will change whether we want them to or not.

Over the years the WitchGrotto site has grown, expanded, and become more complex.  Unfortunately that includes the software that was needed to run things on the web host.  As the internet has grown we’ve also had a proliferation of malicious users who derive pleasure in damaging or wrecking other people’s websites.  The more complex a website is and the more visibility it has the more likely it is to be targeted by hackers.  WitchGrotto has not been immune to this negative attention.

The hackers have not won — WitchGrotto still lives and will become even better!

I’ve decided for now to keep the site stripped down to basics.  It will still be a content-rich site focusing on providing practical information for modern Pagans, Witches, and occultists.  It will  be regularly updated with new material to keep things fresh.  The site will focus on its strong points rather than trying to include lots of extra features. There’s no need to make the site more complex and an easier target for hackers.

So have a look around at the new leaner WitchGrotto.  If there’s something that you are missing please let me know (by emailing or by leaving a comment) as I can point you to where you can find what you’re looking for either on this site or another one on the internet.  I promise to work hard to make WitchGrotto into a valuable resource with relevant practical information for people practicing magickal spiritual paths.

Blessed be, WitchGrotto visitors!

Ben Gruagach