An Apple Spell to Attract Love

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The following spell is one that I made up myself and have used once for myself and a few times for others, always with great success. It’s a good way to help you to meet the person who meets your list of requirements. When you make up your list of what you’d like in an ideal partner, be careful to list what you truly desire! You just might get it.

The times I’ve done this spell before it has worked in bringing a person as described in the list within about a week, and in one case it happened within hours of doing the spell. The spell provides the introduction but it’s up to you to do something with it once the person has appeared in your life.

Things You’ll Need:

– a nice fresh apple
– a small piece of paper
– a pen to write on the paper
– a sharp knife (your athame if you use it to cut items, otherwise a normal sharp knife)
– yarn that you can use to wrap up the apple (white, red, or pink)

What To Do:

  1. Sit down and think about the qualities in the person you want to draw to you. What would your ideal soul-mate be like? What qualities should they have? Make a list that is clear and as complete as possible. Don’t leave out anything that you consider important.
  2. Once you are clear what your list contains, write it out on the small piece of paper. You might need to write really small letters to get it to all fit. Write on both sides of the paper if you need to.
  3. Take the apple in both hands and hold it up to your face and smell it with a deep breath. Feel the texture of the apple in your hands. Touch the apple to your cheek. Hold the apple up high above your head. Hold the apple out in front of you and turn around clockwise slowly, showing the apple to the four directions. Then bend down and touch the apple gently to the ground at your feet.
  4. Stand up again and take the knife, and cut the apple in half (across so you can see the star in the middle where the seeds are.) Put down the knife.
  5. Hold the apple up close to your face and take another deep breath, smelling the apple.
  6. Put down the apple and then take the small paper with your list on it. Fold the paper up as small as you can make it.
  7. Put the folded paper in the middle of the cut apple and then put the two halves of the apple together.
  8. Use the yarn to tie the apple up and wrap it well with the yarn so there is no chance the apple can come apart. Use as much yarn as you feel is necessary. (You can even wrap the apple until only yarn is visible if you like.)
  9. After the apple is wrapped and tied up with the yarn, hold the apple up to your face again and breathe in deeply, smelling the tied apple and yarn.
  10. Hold the apple up above your head, then move the apple to hold it out in front of you. Turn around clockwise slowly to show the apple to the four directions, then when you are done bend down and touch the apple to the ground at your feet.
  11. Say, “Thee to me, and me to thee, and as I will, So mote it be!” The apple charm is now complete.
  12. Put the apple in some safe spot like in a cupboard or on a shelf, somewhere that is can be out of sight and left untouched. Check the apple every few days to make sure it is not turning rotten but is just drying out (you can usually tell by smelling it.) If the apple is turning rotten then it means the spell didn’t work right and the apple should be sprinkled with salt and thrown away. If the apple dries out without rotting then the spell is working.

After the spell has worked successfully it’s OK to keep the apple or to throw it away if you like. It will not affect the relationship at all after the magick has done its thing.